Finding Your People

Finding Your People

A couple of months ago, I attended a three-day gaming and internet culture event with my son, it was great people watching—I’ll admit I’m a little nerdy myself, but I love how these kids let their freak flag fly. They know what they like and they go for it without hesitation.

My son was definitely with his people.We spent quite a bit of time of standing in line, and it was fun to watch my introverted son interacting with complete strangers so easily. They all had the same interests and were open and happy to talk or sit down and play a game with complete strangers while they waited. The funniest thing kept happening to me—I kept bumping into guys on the show floor and at first glance I thought were my son!—they were wearing the same T-shirts as him and had the same energy as my son. I would turn around to say something to him and realize that it wasn’t him—oops!

My biggest takeaway from this event was how well the event’s brand attracted their ideal customers. They were truly raving fans.

I read a magazine article about the event, it started only 6 years ago with about 4,000 attendees and this year they estimated about 60,000 attendees. Obviously, they have their ideal client pegged.

They know their people. Do you know yours?

Love and Light!