Life Lessons from my 102-year-old friend


Janet and Marie

I had the honor of staying for 10 days with my 102-year-old friend, Marie. She is very smart and sassy and knows what she wants. She has lived such an interesting life, I felt like I was interrogating her most of the time. Here are a few of the lessons I learned from Marie to help us all empower our awesomeness:

• Don’t waste one minute of time on something that doesn’t bring you joy.

• Stuff is not important, except when it connects you to good memories of your family and friends.

• Tell your stories. Even better— write them down.

• Keep interested in the world and use your brain every day.

• Get up and get dressed for the public every day— no sitting around in your jammies.

• And finally — two fingers of Jim Beam every evening might help you live to 102!


Who are your people?

Finding Your People

Finding Your People

A couple of months ago, I attended a three-day gaming and internet culture event with my son, it was great people watching—I’ll admit I’m a little nerdy myself, but I love how these kids let their freak flag fly. They know what they like and they go for it without hesitation.

My son was definitely with his people.We spent quite a bit of time of standing in line, and it was fun to watch my introverted son interacting with complete strangers so easily. They all had the same interests and were open and happy to talk or sit down and play a game with complete strangers while they waited. The funniest thing kept happening to me—I kept bumping into guys on the show floor and at first glance I thought were my son!—they were wearing the same T-shirts as him and had the same energy as my son. I would turn around to say something to him and realize that it wasn’t him—oops!

My biggest takeaway from this event was how well the event’s brand attracted their ideal customers. They were truly raving fans.

I read a magazine article about the event, it started only 6 years ago with about 4,000 attendees and this year they estimated about 60,000 attendees. Obviously, they have their ideal client pegged.

They know their people. Do you know yours?

Love and Light!


Welcome to Empower Your Awesomeness!

Empowering amazing women

This is what keeps me going every day.

Hi! I’m Janet, I’ve been in the corporate world for most of my career and I’ve been talking about starting my own business for over a year. Then a couple of months ago, the universe gave me a big fat push….I was laid off from my job of 10 years and I fell directly on my face—ok—really just onto the couch in front of the TV. I’ve been working like crazy for over 30 years and I am burnt to a crisp. I’ve realized now is the time to figure out how to start a business I love and blend it with the life I love—no more corporate drone for me!

I had suspected it was coming, so at least I had started working on an idea for a business, finished a brand coach certification, and worked with my own life and business coach. Every day I felt I was moving forward, until the layoff. Then I hit a brick wall. I actually need to put myself out in the world and find clients! Self-doubt rushed in—who am I to think I can help women with their businesses? So, I decided to make a list…getting all those gremlins, bouncing around in my head, out into the light always helps them back off a bit.

This is what I know:

  • I’m passionate about helping women
  • I want to empower women to share their unique gifts with the world.
  • I’m a skilled graphic designer, but I want to do more to help women business owners
  • I can do that by helping them get clear on their personality, passion, and purpose
  • And most of all, I want women to have businesses that infuse ease, joy, and freedom into their lives
  • My work, life, and training have brought me to a time in my life where I can do all this — only if I make myself available to them

So here I am, putting myself out into the world. I’m so happy you are here.

Love and Light,